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PVDC Coated Films : Co-Extruded Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene Film with one side heat sealable layer and PVDC coated layer on the other side.

Available Characteristics:
High oxygen barrier
High moisture barrier 
High aroma barrier
Excellent gloss
Excellent ink & coating adhesion
High tensile strength
Excellent UV protection
Excellent heat seal strength
High opacity

Print conversion and laminations with paper, BOPP, CPP.
Ideal for aroma sensitive food packaging.
Designed for use on horizontal and vertical form-fill packaging machines.
Album Overlays and Multi-Purpose Bags.
Printing and Lamination
Printing and Lamination (fine powder products packaging).
Paper lamination

Available Thickness
Microns / Gauge
Microns / Gauge
21 micron / 84 gauge
37 micron / 148 gauge
22 micron / 88 gauge
42 micron / 168 gauge
27 micron / 108 gauge

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